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IEA Conference Volume

104th Conference, Dec 27th  To  29th 2021 held at Mohanlal Sukhadia University Udaipur, Rajsthan

Theme I: COVID-19 and Indian Economy
Theme II: Global Warming and Climate Change
Theme III: Poverty Alleviation Through Digital Applications

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IEA Conference Volume

101 Conference, Dec 14-16, 2018 held at Institute for Studies in Industrial Development, New Delhi

Theme I: Health Economics and Policies
Theme II: Agriculture and Rural Economy Issues Chalenges
Theme III: Strategies For External Economic Sector
Theme IV: Economic Thought of Kautilya and Its Contemparary Relevance

IEA Conference 2017 Volume –I & II
Theme I: Behavioural Economics
Theme II: Future of Multilateral Trade Agreements
Theme III- Rural and Urban Development in India: Policies & Initiatives
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